Cancer-Free review – Can you really cure cancer with Cancer-Free

Cancer Free book coverCancer-Free is a book written by Bill Henderson, available in both electronic and printed form, fromĀ Bill Henderson is a retired Air Force Colonel, whose wife died of cancer in 1994. After watching her suffer during this time, he began his search for alternative cancer treatments, and claims to have found over three hundred and fifty.

In this book, the third edition, Bill claims to be able to cure cancer by following a simple diet and supplement regimen for 6-8 weeks. I know that sounds far fetched, but he has testimonials to support that claim.

Bill’s claim is based on being able to determine the cause of the cancer, such as root canal teeth or other dental problems, emotional trauma and/or long term stress and poor diets. Once the cause is determined, reversing the cancer becomes easy. And he even explains how to check your progress at overcoming the cancer with a simple $55 test.

His regimen comes at the cancer from six different “directions.” Six different theories about how to deal with cancer cells. All of these six forms of treatment are gentle, non-toxic and they all work together. They are, in fact, synergistic. They help each other. They address the 4 conditions that must be overcome before anyone can get over cancer: a weak immune system, a lack of oxygen uptake by the cells, excessive toxins, and acidity.

Bill Henderson’s approach is simple:

First, you get the book, either in e-book (computer file) form or in paperback form. Just Click Here.

Included in the book is a complete set of instructions on the self treatments. There is also information on locating holistic doctors, clinics and other resources. Usually you do not need a holistic doctor or clinic.

Second, you test the levels of cancer cells in your body using a simple test that is completely explained in the book.

Third, you follow Bill’s recommended regimen for 6-8 weeks.

Fourth, you take a second test. If that test shows you are not making progress Bill offers personal phone coaching to help you isolate the best options of the hundreds of others that are available. Bill will discuss the causes of your cancer, how to reverse them, and then what to try next, based on your experience to that point.

Bill claims that the cost of this six to eight week program is less than $200, including the price of the book, the special food and the supplements. Bill recommends where to get the food and supplements, and clinics and doctors that you can see, but does not receive any payments for this, so you know that he is recommending only the best, not those that pay the most.

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